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Discover How 100+ People (Just Like You) Have Lost Weight for Life

...while gaining unstoppable confidence, mastery, and control

There are no silver bullets

How come your friend is killing it on a program but you try it and it doesn't work?
Because frequently, you are doing the right things at the wrong time.

Tap your hidden willpower reservoir

Why do people try something and fail, but then try again and succeed? Has the program changed?
No. It's them who has changed.
Most people luck into this. But you don't have to wait for luck.

Learn & accept what's normal

Have you wondered why most programs out there end at the 3-month mark?
Every day we get students with skewed expectations of what their biology can deliver.

Minds Have Been Blown

I think the understanding about phases of weight loss, especially how these are affected by PCOS, will be invaluable to my success.

Sometimes I feel so discouraged when I don’t understand what’s going on or my body is not responding to healthy changes “as expected”.
I like what you said in the training about really figuring out what can work for me and figuring out what maintenance actually means.

I like that you are focused more on how you feel, and digging deep for goals than "I want xyz body."
The whole Stage thing is part of what attracted me to look at what you guys had to say.

I am a psychologist and am able to help other people with goals like this, but struggle to do it for myself. I feel I'm in a weird spot of knowing some but not enough.
About us

We've Been Where You're At

We spent 10 years and $45k combined trying to lose weight.

We learned that each program out there provides only a few pieces to the puzzle that's weight loss.

And you cannot succeed without having all the puzzle pieces.

So are we doomed to spend years and thousands of dollars putting the puzzle together by ourselves?

No more.

We, Richa & Lucy, are determined to give you all the pieces you need to succeed for life.

Nothing is held back.

Learn the 3 pillars that support the full puzzle by registering for this free workshop.