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Before devoting her life to weight loss coaching, Richa struggled to feel happy in her body. Cramps and low energy were her constant companions.
At one point, not feeling like she could breathe, she went through several rounds with doctors who ultimately gave her a clean bill of health. The incident scared her into eating regularly, reducing soda, and being less of a workaholic.
But her journey had just started.
She tried the loudest stuff out there first - running, calorie counting, keto, paleo, and many others she can't even remember anymore. But these would last some weeks and then she'd give up.
Exhausted by the constant cycles of trying and giving up, she decided to not replace her entire lifestyle all at once as all popular diets and workout programs said.
She instead started researching the Why behind everything and practicing Reverse Programming - creating a nutrition & exercise plan which adapts her existing lifestyle incrementally to be heathier vs. trying to fit herself into an existing program.
This changed the whole trajectory of her fitness journey. Within a year, she had lost 7% body fat and has kept it off for the past 6 years.
She swore that no one else should have to go through the misery of trying the wrong things or have to do it alone. 
Richa has coached people who need an organic way to incorporate the right mindset and habits into their busy lives, all the way to people who need to overcome unhealthy relationships with food.
Lucy could have been a professional yo-yo dieter. Unhappy with the way she looked and the number on the scale, she tried every diet and repeatedly lost and regained the same 20 lbs over and over.
She has made so many mistakes trying to lose fat; ate less and worked out like crazy! This worked for a short time, but she soon got stuck. So she ate even lesser and ran even more. All that did was leave her feeling tired and hungrier than ever.
Finally when she reached her goal weight, she looked at herself in the mirror, but still didn’t like how she looked. This made her question everything she had been prioritizing so far. She didn’t want to chase numbers without knowing what they meant. She was tired of being confused and also just plain tired.
She realized she needed education, a mindset change, and an understanding of not just the “what” but also the “why” - the science behind our bodies and the forces behind our psychology.
She adopted Reverse Programming - learning what worked for her and her lifestyle in a sustainable way vs. trying to fit herself into a templated program.
Living a healthy lifestyle is neither a pipe dream nor a punishment. We don’t have to give up our social lives. We don’t have to eat tasteless food. We don’t have to dedicate all our free time to the gym.
Lucy wants to help others avoid her pitfalls.
She became a Pn1 certified health coach. She has helped people just starting to incorporate exercise and good nutrition into their daily routine, all the way to people who are trying to get into photoshoot model shape.
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