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“I had been using Weight Watchers Freestyle and lost only 5 lb in 1 year. I thought that my body is just happy at my current weight and won't lose fat, but within first week of starting with Coach Viva, I lost 2.1 lb fat mass and gained 1.9 lb lean mass.

I love that the Messenger interface is very simple and that the coaches are on top of how I am doing and how to help me meet my goals daily with personalized advice. I like this better than finding a new coach every week on Weight Watchers, as that's extra effort and the new coach's advice tends to be compromised by lack of my historical knowledge."
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“As someone with PCOS, I have struggled with weight loss my entire life and it's simply mind-blowing to see that downward trend - losing 10 lb and 3.5" waist in 7 weeks!

As someone in healthcare, I knew I was looking for a program that was knowledgeable on the medical literature surrounding health and weight loss (not one of those pseudoscience programs), involved real people invested in my success in the most nonjudgmental way, and set me up for long term, sustainable success (since I’ve lost weight before but gained it all back). I'm so excited to say Coach Viva is the first program that provided all that and more for me.

I really like that the coaches take the time to share what's going on with my body and how that's affecting my weekly numbers, so I can understand what sustainable progress actually looks like, and what to expect.

I also like that I'm not put on a strict "prescriptive" meal plan, but instead I make incremental changes and still get to enjoy the foods I want to enjoy, just in a more mindful way.

I don't usually write reviews, but this program has been worth every penny for me considering I’ve tried personal trainers, MyFitnessPal, food delivery services, etc.

Richa and Lucy - you guys have got me thinking I can actually be skinny with PCOS for the first time in my life, and words can’t describe how thankful I am to you for developing this program."
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“Coach Viva is useful because it's like investing money in an always-with-you accountability buddy, rather trying to do the same with a friend who's easy to bail on (you know what I mean).

What I like is that it's quite simple to use and adapts to me. If a strategy isn't working out, we will try something new and test if the new strategy works. So it helps to have an experimental mindset.

It's also quite personalized. When trying to figure out how to tweak my plan, the coaches ask things like "Are you sure that's what you want to do?" which helps get me to really think about it and make a decision that actually aligns with my previous behaviors.”
“You get the accountability without the shame with Coach Viva.

This coaching service is like your personal food fairy - always there to talk with you about options when you're out at events.

For instance, one of the first weekends I was at a wine tasting, and I messaged Coach Viva. One of the coaches responded back suggesting exactly what to do at the wine tasting so that I get to enjoy it without overeating.”
“I've used calorie trackers in the past and have made progress on my own before, but I'm at a point now where I need the accountability. Coach Viva is best at providing just that.

Given my busy schedule, it also really helps a lot that I can just send the coaches a picture of what I ate and they'll handle looking up all of the nutrition data. I

t's useful that I can message them any time of day and get a response back fairly quickly. We've already had quite a few conversations around how to handle hunger, ways to increase protein, troubleshooting my weight loss progress and energy fluctuations.”
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“In the past, I've gotten discouraged counting calories before working on any behavioral changes. When I tried other health coaches, I was put on a very specific diet or program. When I used other apps like Noom, they had me on a really low calorie budget and I always went over. So I didn't really know if Coach Viva was going to be like that as well.

After maybe 2-3 days, I realized I could actually stay with the habits we had set for me & still enjoy my meals and the occasional treat. I'm able to finally start believing that this can be a lifestyle thing.

During that first week, they took the time to really ask questions and get to know what works and doesn't work for me. I felt that they were honest in making sure that we were a good fit for each other and not just trying to sell me their coaching service.

I've lost 7.2 lb and 1 inch off my waist over the past month.”
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“I have been using Coach Viva while pregnant to ensure I gain weight within the range my doctor specified, and it's been working really well the for me these past 5 months.

I find the service really easy to use and I never feel overly pressured or uncomfortable when being held accountable. It feels like I have a relationship with my coach and she truly understands and knows all my ups and downs, and helps me through them.

I also love that I got a very personalized workout routine. Personal trainers cost a lot, so getting this highly targeted personalized workout routine was awesome. It's amazing how much value there is for the price.”
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“I lost 12 lb by myself, but then got stuck for almost a month. That first week after trying Coach Viva, I broke through my plateau and lost 3 lbs. I have lost 8 lbs and 3" off my waist since then.

I love that my coach only gives me the bare minimum goals I need to focus on in order to break through my bottleneck, as I have a very busy life with 2 toddlers and a job. It's a whole lot more feasible for me if I don't need to get everything "perfect" immediately.”
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