Meal Planning

Get this right and you're more than halfway to success.

But between doing recipe research to make your nutritional values fit your daily goals while balancing for budget and deliciousness, who has the time?

Cue the meal planning services and apps below.


Eat This Much

Lucy uses Eat This Much to plan out recipes to meet nutritional goals. Then she switches to Spoonacular to build a grocery list (you have to pay for this functionality in Eat This Much).

She doesn't plan out meals for the entire week down to the last detail though. Lucy generally plans for 2-4 dishes to bulk cook and leaves room for surprises and snacks.

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Be Ninja

Survival Guide

Top 16 practical habits we have seen work time and again for our clients.

Print these index card sized tips and carry them with you to stay on-track no matter the situation.

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