Measurement Tools

If you're only tracking weight, you're making decisions based on incomplete data.

Find here the best tools to track your progress and to set realistic expectations on when your goals will be met.



Pros: helps with consistent, accurate measurements week to week and keeps me sane.

Cons: pricier than conventional measuring tapes, but not by much.

Tip: keep relaxed and click the button for easy measurement reading.

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Etekcity Body Scale

Pros: simple scale, easy to set up, comes with a free measuring tape.

Cons: only tracks weight.

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RENPHO Body Fat Scale

Pros: measures both weight and body fat composition.

Cons: more pricey.

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How Long to a Flat Stomach

This calculator tells you the minimum number of months it'll take you to get to a flat stomach.

The actual number of months depends on your ability to find and follow consistently an effective plan.

Calculate how long for you
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