High Protein

Protein burns more calories than carbs or fats while being digested.

Protein ensures you retain muscle while eating in a deficit, and is crucial for building muscle.

And protein keeps you full longer → less snacking → easier to stick to nutrition goals.

These are the high protein foods we use and have seen our clients love.

breakfast / snack

Optimum Nutrition

Pros: best protein to calorie ratio, very cheap per gram, tastes good.

Cons: some flavors aren't great. I prefer the Double Chocolate flavor.

Tip: get flavored protein unless you intend to add additional flavors! Pure protein powder is yech.

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breakfast / snack

Quest Protein Powder

Pros: High protein to calorie ratio, thick and creamy, goes great with just water and good for baking too.

Cons: can be on the pricey side.

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Quest Protein Bar

Pros: best protein to calorie ratio for protein bars, very high in fiber as well.

Cons: can be very chewy and chalky-tasting and also pricey.

Tip: Chocolate chip cookie dough and Cookies and cream are the most popular flavors.

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Pros: all-natural meat-based bars, no added sweeteners.

Cons: can have very strong flavor because of the spices used, pricey.

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Kashi Cereal

Pros: high protein, high fiber cereal without tons of sugar, vegan-friendly.

Cons: some people think it tastes like cardboard.

Tip: even if you don't get this one, look for sugar <10g in the cereal you do get.

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Powdered Peanut Butter

Pros: low calorie, high protein alternative to peanut butter, vegan-friendly.

Cons: contains added sweeteners, doesn't taste as rich and creamy as actual peanut butter.

Tip: You can sprinkle this on yogurt, cereal, milk, and other snacks to get some extra protein in as well as satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Protein Pancake

Pros: high protein, quick-prep, perfect for satisfying sweet tooth too.

Cons: some people don't like the texture since it's not as fluffy as normal pancakes.

Tip: add a few tbsp of egg whites for more protein and thickness.

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ProteinUP Flatbread

Pros: high protein, low-carb alternative for tortilla wraps, vegan-friendly.

Cons: very pricey

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Nutritional Yeast

Pros: high protein flakes with a nutty, cheesy flavor to liven up savory dishes, high in vitamins, vegan-friendly.

Cons: not everyone likes the taste.

Tip: sprinkle this on bland foods like popcorn, pasta, salads, or use it as a cheese substitute.

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Protein Water

Pros: flavored water for a quick protein boost, good for those wanting to meet both protein and water goals.

Cons: has an aftertaste from the stevia that not everyone likes.

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