Low Calorie

It's important that your foods not just be low calorie but also high in nutrition density. This will keep you full longer and thus make it easier for you to stay on-track.


Quest Protein Bar

Pros: best protein to calorie ratio for protein bars, very high in fiber as well.

Cons: can be very chewy and chalky-tasting and also pricey.

Tip: Chocolate chip cookie dough and Cookies and cream are the most popular flavors.

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Pros: all-natural meat-based bars, no added sweeteners.

Cons: can have very strong flavor because of the spices used, pricey.

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Kashi Cereal

Pros: high protein, high fiber cereal without tons of sugar, vegan-friendly.

Cons: some people think it tastes like cardboard.

Tip: even if you don't get this one, look for sugar <10g in the cereal you do get.

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Powdered Peanut Butter

Pros: low calorie, high protein alternative to peanut butter, vegan-friendly.

Cons: contains added sweeteners, doesn't taste as rich and creamy as actual peanut butter.

Tip: You can sprinkle this on yogurt, cereal, milk, and other snacks to get some extra protein in as well as satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Shirataki Spaghetti

Pros: low-calorie, high-fiber alternative to traditional spaghetti, no cooking necessary to enjoy either.

Cons: it has a slippery texture that may not appeal to everyone. They also smell funny when you first open the package.

Tip: Shirataki spaghetti tastes best with Asian-style dishes. Try them in noodle soups.

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ProteinUP Flatbread

Pros: high protein, low-carb alternative for tortilla wraps, vegan-friendly.

Cons: very pricey

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Roasted Seaweed

Pros: low-calorie, high-nutrient snack that's a great alternative to chips, good for when you crave something salty and crunchy.

Cons: some complaints that the product is too salty.

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