Sleep Aids

High quality, restful sleep is by the far the #1 metabolism booster.

If you're lacking sleep, your body clings to your fat stores, converts more of what you eat into fat, pumps up your hunger and cravings, while making you move less.

Optimize your senses for sleep with these products.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Pros: blocks blue light, good for those who look at electronics at night before bed.

Cons: not good if doing color-sensitive work since the lens filters the color, some complain it feels uncomfortable to wear.

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Herbal Tea

Pros: naturally flavored, caffeine-free, with sweet and fruity flavors, good for satisfying your sweet tooth. Cinnamon Apple Spice and Honey Vanilla Chamomile are common crowd pleasers.

Cons: not all flavors appeal to everyone.

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