Curb Cravings

Hunger is when you feel physical discomfort in your abdomen. In contrast, cravings are when you have a mental desire for food.

Identifying correctly which you're feeling is key to knowing what to do.

If you're indeed having cravings, these foods will best help you manage them while staying low calorie.

sweet, NUTTY

Powdered Peanut Butter

Pros: low calorie, high protein alternative to peanut butter, vegan-friendly.

Cons: contains added sweeteners, doesn't taste as rich and creamy as actual peanut butter.

Tip: You can sprinkle this on yogurt, cereal, milk, and other snacks to get some extra protein in as well as satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Roasted Seaweed

Pros: low-calorie, high-nutrient snack that's a great alternative to chips, good for when you crave something salty and crunchy.

Cons: some complaints that the product is too salty.

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Project 7 Gum

Pros: super flavorful gum that can help satisfy sweet cravings.

Cons: some complaints that the flavor doesn't last very long.

Tip: combine two flavors together to keep things interesting.

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Herbal Tea

Pros: naturally flavored, caffeine-free, with sweet and fruity flavors, good for satisfying your sweet tooth. Cinnamon Apple Spice and Honey Vanilla Chamomile are common crowd pleasers.

Cons: not all flavors appeal to everyone.

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Hidrate Spark Smart Bottle

Pros: tracks water intake automatically and reminds you drink enough water, good for those who feel thirst-induced "hunger."

Cons: a few people experienced accuracy problems and odd smells from the bottle.

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